Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012


The DAILY DOODLES plus a few more drawing series on Berlin and ...  will be shown in an upcoming solo show called "METROPOLITAN" at STRYCHNIN gallery BERLIN / late 2012. I will keep you posted - stay tuned.

Oct./No. 2011
"THE DAILY DOODLES" were shown at BLOOOM ART FAIR 2011, Cologne / Germany.

June, 6.

Back home.
The DAILY DOODLES will soon be shown in different
art shows in Germany/Europe and Canada.
I'll keep you posted!


May, 24.

DAILY DOODLES. May, 23. Last day at akincollective. Sad!

My last day in the Akincollective studio. Wow, that's quite intense. Even though I am happy to be in my beloved city of Berlin soon - I will definitely miss this place and my canadien friends a lot! But thank god or whom else for the internet. So we will definitely stay in touch!

May, 23.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 22. Dundas West, To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 21. Queen West, To. Nearby High Park.

Kim singing with her Jazz band in Oakville. Beautiful voice!

Down by the lake. L.t.r.: my mom, I, Janine, Kim
and Anni taking the pic.

My friend Cliff and I in little India, To.

Today was packed! Janine picked us up and drove us to Oakville where Kim had a nice gig with her Jazz band. Good music and a sun-shiny day right by the Lake Ontario. Nice.

After that we met Cliff back in Toronto. He showed us the indian market and some of his Little India. We had some delicious dinner together. Thanks, buddy!

So I went to the studio quite late today to do my DAYLY DOODLE and start packing my stuff... only two and a half days left before i leave back to Berlin...

May, 21.
Dufferin St. Toronto...

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. May, 20. Ossington Ave. To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 20. Downtown To. King.

l.t.r. Joel, Cliff, Lindsay, Heidi, Hanna... and I.

Here's a Photo of some of my new friends from
Great peeps and fun studio mates. I really had/still have a great time with you folks. I'll miss you all!


DAILY DOODLE. May, 18. Very quick due to the NFC-trip.
And no, no drugs involved. Colorful, I know...

Office, off ice, off... I'll doodle tonite. This is an abandoned hotal at NFC.

NFC, Hotel "Europa"...well.

Yesterday we went to Niagara Falls (second time for me) - constant rain!
My Mom and Anni arrived - so there is some tourist/holiday/stuff going on for my last week in Canada. Yes, my last week - time's flying and two months went by already!

DAILY DOODLES. May, 17. Bathurst/Queen, To. 
A quick one again.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 16. "Fat Guy" - that's different, but fun.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 15. College St. Toronto.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 14. Nassau, To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 13. ...still a little hungover, so I kept it easy...

May, 12. Some of Maya's work. Beautiful!

May, 12. Maya Hayuk and I at the opening at Show & Tell gallery, To.

My friend MAYA HAYUK from Brooklyn, New York has an art show at SHOW & TELL gallery, To. The opening was yesterday, packed, great and funny - and awesome art!

I am still a little hungover. Yes, we had a bunch of drinks!

May, 11. David Irvine and I having fun in the studio.

May, 11. David Irvine and I having fun in the studio.

I met friend and fellow artist DAVID IRVINE. Super funny guy! We had a great day talking art, music and funny shit. There will be some sweet art collaborations soon and he will also take part in the deerBLNproject groupshow. Yay!

DAILY DOODLE. May, 11. Queen West, To.

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. May, 10. Dundas, West, To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 10. Back alley to the laundy...
... a little bit of both...
DAILY DOODLE. May, 9. Bellevue/Nassau, To. Cutout & colored.

DAILY DOODLE, No: 3. May, 8. I somehow felt the need to do
a drawing with shading and colors again. It's fun switching between
hard black & white contrast and detailed stuff. I love'em both!

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. View from the backyard's picknick table.

DAILY DOODLE. View from the backyard's picknick table.

Tadaaaaaaa! Finally - sitting in the backyard, doodeling. Nice Sunday afternoon.
May, 8. (Mommies day!)

DAILY DOODLE, No: 3. May, 7. Freeway ramp view.

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. May, 7. Port To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 7. College/Spadina, To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 6. "Downward Dog", Queen West, To.
This one goes straight to my lady! 

I love the hard black & white contrast these days. I'll def. go back to shadings and some colors, no worries. But for now I keep it minimalistic!

DAILY DOODLE. May, 5. College St. / Kensington Market, To.

Workspace / Mess / Love it!

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. May, 4. Sugar Company, To.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 4. Shadow series, Bathurst/Nassau, To.

DAILY DOODLE, No: 2. May, 3. Shadow series, Freeway.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 3. Another one for the shadow series.

DAILY DOODLE. May, 2. Little Warsaw, Toronto.
Some people might call it "street art". I call it love!

For some reason there were some problems uploading images today.
I hope that is only temporary - spent about six hours yesterday to replace the images of the first four weeks here. Bummer - big time.

May, 2.
DAILY DOODLE. Mai, 1 / 2.

This day started horrible. I found out that for whatever reason the first whole month of the blog was MISSING / GONE ... all of a sudden ... no idea what happened. I only know, I didn't do anything. It was just gone.
Okay, so I spent the last 5 or 6 hours checking all my pictures and replacing images. Since I didn't write the exact dates on each drawing itself, some of these informations are gone. Well, at least the original DOODLES and the pictures I took are still there. I am done for today, literally. Busy Sunday!

Mai, 1.

Today's DAILY DOODLE, April, 30. Just a quick one.
After that looong bike ride and the beautiful sunny workout day - I am pretty exhausted...
I had a bike ride to High Park and through the city today.
It was finally a bright, sunny day. Springtime, yay.

April, 30.
DAILY DOODLE No;2. April, 29. This is where I live while I am here.
I think I'll keep it black & white for a little while. Minimalism rocks.

DAILY DOODLE, April, 29. Kensington Market, Nassau/Bellevue.

Today's DAILY DOODLE is a black & white drawing of some famous corner at Kensington Market, Bellevue/Nassau.

F.A.T. Fashion Art. Toronto / Toronto alternative Fashion Week.

F.A.T. Fashion Art. Toronto / Toronto alternative Fashion Week.

Since it was my birthday yesterday I tried to spend it as lazy as possible. I went to the F.A.T. (Fashion. Art. Toronto.), an alternative Toronto Fashion Week / Show. Heidi Ackerman & Lindsey Sinclair showed their new collection. Great show! See some pics and click the link.

April, 29.

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes I got. I am truely overwhelmed by the number of messages, mails, and wishes I got. Whooow! THANKS!

April, 28.

DAILY DOODLE. April, 27. Some old silos.

Yesterday's artworks are about to dry again, since I put another very thick layer of varnish on'em. New pics soon.

So today's first DAILY DOODLE got some color again. It's another silo. I somehow love the rough beauty of those things. And down by the Lake (Ontario) there's quite a bunch of'em...

April, 27.

Not really a DAILY DOODLE, but yesterdays silos somehow "upgraded". April, 26.

These are the two "silo drawings" from yesterday - in some kind of in-between-stage. Mounted on wood and some first layers of varnish on top. Gives'em a pretty glossy surface - super hard to take photos of. Well, at least it might give you an idea...

Me looking stoopid - I can do that in "real life"too ... ;) doubt! Ask my lady.

Some stoopid self portrait. Today's first DAILY DOODLE.

April, 26.

DAILY DOODLE No:3, Silo-sketch 1... to be continued.

DAILY DOODLE No:2, Silo-sketch 2 ... to be continued.

I love those silos. These are the black & white drawings - I will turn'em into something else. These are gonna be mounted on wood and I'll varnish'em and stuff... soon! I'd love to do that more - as I'd do in my Berlin studio - and not "only do drawings", but I gotta bring those babies home with me somehow.

Good morning sunshine!

DAILY DOODLE No:1 ... Mission; "warm up my hands" ... accomplished!

Sunshine... Yes, finally! Chilled Easter Monday. Just having a coffee to start some doodeling. I love my life!

April, 25.

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 24.
April, 24.
DAILY DOODLE No:2. April, 23. 

The weather just changed from 3°C to 22°C today (!!!). Finally sping. So I took a long bike ride, about three hours. Took tons of photographs. A lot of new stuff to draw, yay!

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 23.
Still at home at the kitchen table - to get my "hands warmed up".
April, 23.
DAILY DOODLE No:4. April, 22.
That was a long & productive day in the studio, yay!

DAILY DOODLE No: 3...? I'm very much into those black & white things now.

Clifford Dsouza from asked me
to draw his house. So I did. Did I mention that I love to draw?

Clifford Dsouza from asked me
to draw his house. So I did. Did I mention that I love to draw?

Today's first DAILY DOODLE, April, 22.
I like those black & white ones lately...

Yes, I love drawing! No doubt!
April, 22.

DAILY DOODLE No:2, April, 21.

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 21.
April, 21.
DAILY DOODLE No:2. April 20. Back-alley.
The new studio space is inspiring!

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 20.
Will do some more stuff in the new studio space. Yay!
DAILY DOODLE. April, 19.
Tile in front of studio, Toronto.

DAILY DOODLE. April, 18.
DAILY DOODLE. April, 17.


DAILY DOODLE. April, 16.

DAILY DOODLE. April, 15 / 2

DAILY DOODLE. April, 15.
DAILY DOODLE warm up. SHIT FLY. April, 14.
DAILY DOODLE. April, 14. The "Communist Daughter".
Find the hidden bird!
This is where I work. The kitchen table.
No studio here yet. Makes me realize how spoiled I actually am on Berlin.
Huge flat with lots of space to work and live plus a studio space in walking distance.
DAILY DOODLE. Apeil 13 / 2.
DAILY DOODLE. April, 13. A fish...?

DAILY DOODLE. April 12 / 3. Sleeping Giant.
DAILY DOODLE. April 12 / 2.

DAILY DOODLE. April, 12. A kind of 3D-Version of the original whale.
Fun and a lot of work, 7 layers. All hand cut.
DAILY DOODLE. April, 11 / 2. Colooooooor!
DAILY DOODLE, April, 11.
Found in the streets, literally. Yes, indeed - I like.
DAILY DOODLE. April, 10. Canary... rain. Yes - Toronto weather sucks hard.
DAILY DOODLE, Owls, for whatever reason... Hand-warm-up.
DAILY DOODLE, April, 10. Montreal street scene.
DAILY DOODLE. Some corner on Dufferin, To.

The fat and lonely whale... me? Rain.

Pidgeons - I sometimes feel the need to draw something different.
DAILY DOODLE. Montreal street scene.
DAILY DOODLE. Montreal, by the tracks.

Some morning DOODLE at the kitchen table. Birds, warm-up.
Found this in the streets today - I'll give my best...;)
DAILY DOODLE - Some weird-guy.
DOODLE COLLAB with Chris Dyer.
He did this little portrait sketch while we had breakfast this morning.
DAILY DOODLE. Little scribble-collaboration with Chris Dyer. April, 7.

Carving some steep Miniramp during a private skate session in Montreal.
Super nice locals, thanks, guys. April, 8.
Carving the BIG-O at 2° Celsius. Still fun!
Carving the BIG-O at 2° Celsius. Still fun!
Canadien Maple on Mount Royal. April, 7. Montreal.
Chris Dyer, Rock Fakie at the BIG-O at 2°C.
Chris Dyer in front of his Mural. Montreal.
Fun Times at the BIG-O. Montreal...
Street install in some Montreal Park. Sweet!
View on Montreal from Mount Royal.
Chris Dyer & I in fron of his artworks in his Living room.
Good guy! Good Host! Montreal - April, 7.

I went to Montreal for a couple of days. Friend and fellow artist Chris Dyer invited me to stay at his place. Awesome host! He showed me his city and we had some super fun skate sessions at the "BIG O" and right by the Olympic Stadium. Also some great miniramp session at a private skate loft. Thanks, bro!

My ride. That things rolls my belly around town...
Street gardening, downtown Toronto! Yes! April, 4.


Went to a local bar yesterday, the "Communist Daughter". There was a Jazz band playing - nice! Cool peeps and good music.

April, 2.


DAILY DOODLE, March, 30.
DAILY DOODLE. March, 27.

From now on, I will draw DAILY DOODLES, yes - daily!

Some old school style cafe in Niagara Falls City.
I assume they didn't change much whithin the last two or three decades.

Abandond house at Niagara Falls City, March, 25.
Niagara Falls, ice wonderland. March, 25.
Niagara Falls. This could be a postcard -  picture perfect. March, 25.
Niagara Falls, beautiful. March, 25.
Niagara Falls. Icy Winter Wonderland - beautiful.
The beauty and the beast. Only 500 m between'em.
Niagara Falls.
March, 25.

A tile in front of the house - makes me feel a little more at home.
Toronto Island. Still snowy, but beautiful (my beauty anyways....;).
Toronto skyline. View from the island. Nice!
And the next day the snow set back in...

The shopper (Annete has a Secret) at Lake Ontario.
My beautyful lady at Lake Ontario. March, 23.
Down by the Lake Ontario. Cold, March, 23.
"...we got both kinds of music, Country aaaaand Western..."

The House. March, 22.
Bye bye Berlin. I just arrived to Toronto. Swapped places for 9 weeks.
Annette will join me the first five days. After that I will stay another two months by myself.

The flat here turns out way smaller than expected, maybe half as big and not comparable at all to what I've left in Berlin - bummer.

But hey, it's not for good - so I will deal with that - I actually have to anyways.

March, 22.

Last day in Berlin. Thanks to my friends for this sweet present.
I'll take it with me and take care of it - no doubt!
I'll be back - it's only 9 weeks. Thank you so much. One love!

 Celebrating with my friends.
We had a "bye bye celebration" with all my peeps in
my studio the weekend before I left Berlin.
Thank you all - one love!