Samstag, 30. April 2011

Canada, Daily Doodles, April 30.

Today's DAILY DOODLE, April, 30. Just a quick one.
After that looong bike ride and the beautiful sunny workout day - I am pretty exhausted...
I had a bike ride to High Park and through the city today.
It was finally a bright, sunny day. Springtime, yay.

April, 30.

DAILY DOODLE No;2. April, 29. This is where I live while I am here.
I think I'll keep it black & white for a little while. Minimalism rocks.

DAILY DOODLE, April, 29. Kensington Market, Nassau/Bellevue.

Today's DAILY DOODLE is a black & white drawing of some famous corner at Kensington Market, Bellevue/Nassau.

F.A.T. Fashion Art. Toronto / Toronto alternative Fashion Week.

F.A.T. Fashion Art. Toronto / Toronto alternative Fashion Week.

Since it was my birthday yesterday I tried to spend it as lazy as possible. I went to the F.A.T. (Fashion. Art. Toronto.), an alternative Toronto Fashion Week / Show. Heidi Ackerman & Lindsey Sinclair showed their new collection. Great show! See some pics and click the link.

April, 29.

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes I got. I am truely overwhelmed by the number of messages, mails, and wishes I got. Whooow! THANKS!

April, 28.

DAILY DOODLE. April, 27. Some old silos.

Yesterday's artworks are about to dry again, since I put another very thick layer of varnish on'em. New pics soon.

So today's first DAILY DOODLE got some color again. It's another silo. I somehow love the rough beauty of those things. And down by the Lake (Ontario) there's quite a bunch of'em...

April, 27.

Not really a DAILY DOODLE, but yesterdays silos somehow "upgraded". April, 26.

These are the two "silo drawings" from yesterday - in some kind of in-between-stage. Mounted on wood and some first layers of varnish on top. Gives'em a pretty glossy surface - super hard to take photos of. Well, at least it might give you an idea...

Me looking stoopid - I can do that in "real life"too ... ;) doubt! Ask my lady.

Some stoopid self portrait. Today's first DAILY DOODLE.

April, 26.

DAILY DOODLE No:3, Silo-sketch 1... to be continued.

DAILY DOODLE No:2, Silo-sketch 2 ... to be continued.

I love those silos. These are the black & white drawings - I will turn'em into something else. These are gonna be mounted on wood and I'll varnish'em and stuff... soon! I'd love to do that more - as I'd do in my Berlin studio - and not "only do drawings", but I gotta bring those babies home with me somehow.

Good morning sunshine!

DAILY DOODLE No:1 ... Mission; "warm up my hands" ... accomplished!

Sunshine... Yes, finally! Chilled Easter Monday. Just having a coffee to start some doodeling. I love my life!

April, 25.

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 24.

April, 24.

DAILY DOODLE No:2. April, 23. 

The weather just changed from 3°C to 22°C today (!!!). Finally sping. So I took a long bike ride, about three hours. Took tons of photographs. A lot of new stuff to draw, yay!

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 23.
Still at home at the kitchen table - to get my "hands warmed up".

April, 23.

DAILY DOODLE No:4. April, 22.
That was a long & productive day in the studio, yay!

DAILY DOODLE No: 3...? I'm very much into those black & white things now.

Clifford Dsouza from asked me
to draw his house. So I did. Did I mention that I love to draw?

Clifford Dsouza from asked me
to draw his house. So I did. Did I mention that I love to draw?

Today's first DAILY DOODLE, April, 22.
I like those black & white ones lately...

Yes, I love drawing! No doubt!

April, 22.


DAILY DOODLE No:2, April, 21.

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 21.

April, 21.

DAILY DOODLE No:2. April 20. Back-alley.
The new studio space is inspiring!

Today's first DAILY DOODLE. April, 20.
Will do some more stuff in the new studio space. Yay!